Refund and Cancellation


 Refund Cancellation Policy

It is advised to all visitors and applicants to kindly view the following policy before filling up the registration form. BTSE would not take any responsibility if the applicant fails to understand the mentioned clauses.

·         Cost of admission form is non-refundable.

(Once the form is submitted by the candidate in the online process or once the form along with DD is accepted by our office for offline application the cost of admission form, immediately becomes non refundable)

·         If any applicant takes admission or goes for higher preparation in any Institute then only he/she is considered for Scholarship. The scholarship cannot be transferred in the name of any other candidate. As it is stated earlier that scholarship will be given to meritorious / deserving student only.

·         The scholarship will be awarded through cheque payment which will be issued ‘Account Payable’ in the name of the concerned applicant after verification of documents and receipt.   

·       .The BTSE does not take responsibility for any delay in transit involved in receipt and delivery of any communication between the university and the applicant.          

·         Fees are not refundable after the commencement of the course or after the student stops attending or leaves the course before its completion or are suspended by the University owing to non-attendance or misconduct. There would be no responsibility of BTSE in such cases whatsoever.              

·         Those who are given provisional  due to non-declaration of their qualifying examination result are required to submit the marks sheet before appearing in the University examination or whichever is earlier. Such students will only be admitted after submitting an affidavit to prove their eligibility prior to exam. Refund of fees in any case shall not be permissible.  Please note post allotment of college, BTSE has no role in any manner whatsoever in any matter that arises between the college and the candidate. All matters shall be the concern of the student and the college in which he or she has been admitted.         

·         No interest is paid on a refund of any fees/deposit.       

·         The BTSE reserves the right to modify and amend refund policies.       

·         All disputes are subject to the legal jurisdiction of  PATNA(BIHAR), (India).